Final 11 acres land sale completes 1 million sq ft development

The latest land sale at Agecroft Commerce Park sees the last plot of land sold at one the Manchester City

Regions most successful industrial schemes.

This sale will see an additional 200,000 sqft of industrial accommodation developed by Barnfield

Construction completing the transformation of the former colliery site.

Anthony O’Keefe comments: “It’s pleasing to see the final piece of the jigsaw fall into place at the former Colliery Site which has been transformed under the HCA’s coalfield Regeneration Scheme over the past 15 years. The site is unrecognisable now to when we began the project and has firmly established itself as one of the premier industrial parks in the region, home to leading corporates such as Bunzl, Securicor and PZ Cuzzons and I’m proud to have been involved in the scheme over the past 15 years”.